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Hydraulic Equipment Rental

If you are operating hoisting equipment in the state of Massachusetts, whether owned or rented, you must hold a valid DPS hydraulic license or Temporary License Permit during the period of operation. IT'S THE LAW.

The classification of hoisting equipment follows under any hydraulic equipment that

  • Can lift over 500lbs.

  • Can lift over 10ft.

  • A bucket capacity over ¼ cubic yard

Our rental equipment that falls under the classification of hoisting equipment are our skid steers, mini excavator, mini tracked loader, and backhoe.

Bobcat S175 (Skid Steer) 
Bobcat S530 (Skid Steer) 
Bobcat MT55 Mini Tracker Loader (Skid Steer) 
Bobcat E35 (Mini Excavator) 
Terrimite T5C Front End Loader/ (Backhoe)

Don't have a hydraulics/hoisting license? Its okay we have an easy solution. We are registered as a Short Term Compact Equipment Entity with the state of Massachusetts. It's a program that allows you to take a short (45 min) lesson on-line on the equipment you're looking to rent, and with the completion of that program, we will then give a hands-on training (15mins) on the equipment you are looking to use. This will allow you to be able to use this equipment during a 14 day period (starting on original rental date.) After those 14 days are over, 45 days must pass before you may re-apply for the temporary license for that machine. There are three classifications of licenses Skid Steer, Mini-Excavator, & Backhoe. You must apply for each class of machine you are looking to rent. The cost per class license is $25. YOU MUST HAVE VALID DRIVERS LICENSE & BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO APPLY FOR A TEMPORARY PERMIT.

To apply for your Short Term Temporary Operators Permit, please click here.

Enter in the 'Register New User' info (if this is your first time signing up).

Select equipment type you are looking to renting (Skid Steer, Mini-Excavator, or Backhoe).

Enter our Rental Facility ID Number: 0140900

Enter in your credit card/debt info for payment.

The lesson will start. It's timed so it will be take a minimum of 45 minutes. You cannot skip ahead of the lesson plan. You can stop the lesson and return were you left off at a further date or time. Just sign back in. Upon completion of the lesson there will be a quick multiple choice quiz. Once you pass, a completion certificate will be e-mailed to us. You may also print a copy for yourself, or we can provide a copy for you.

It is also a state law to notify Dig Safe at least 72 hours before any digging into the earth can be done. No matter where your project is taking place on your property. It's an easy task if you plan ahead.

Just Call 1(800) DIG- SAFE (944-7299) or Dial 811 to get your project inspected before you start your digging project. Dig safe will go over the details with you.

Once you've completed these steps you are ready to rent the equipment needed to complete your project. We will need a receive a copy of your valid driver's license. Upon delivery of the equipment our driver will go over a checklist for general operation of the machine, some safety tips, and make sure your comfortable using the controls of the equipment.

If you already have a valid hoisting license class 2A or lower we would just need to make a copy of your valid driver's license and valid hoisting license for our records.

This is a state regulation and the Dept. of Public Safety is in full enforcement of the compliance of Mass General Laws chapter 146, section 53 and new regulation – 520 CMR 6.00 Hoisting Machinery. All rental facilities are to follow suit. More details can be found on the Mass DPS website.

Want or need to get your MA hoisting license? We've partnered up with At Leisure Contractor Licensing to offer a special promo code for our customers. At Leisure offers an all on-line program that will give you the info and material needed to pass your state hoisting license test. For more info, visit AT LEISURE CONTRACTOR LICENSING and enter our Promo Code: 0140900

Got any further questions? Or to reserve your rental today, give us a call @ 978-772-0900 or email us.

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